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  • Germany : a country study Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by Eric Solsten.

Germany : a country study Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by Eric Solsten.

Germany : a country study Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by Eric Solsten.

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Germany : a country study Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by Eric Solsten.

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Book's title: Germany : a country study Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by Eric Solsten.
Library of Congress Control Number: 96020927
International Standard Book Number (ISBN):0844408530 (alk. paper)
System Control Number:ocm34705046
Cataloging Source:DLC, DLC DLC
Geographic Area Code:e-gx
Library of Congress Call Number:DD17 .G475 1996
Dewey Decimal Classification Number:943$220
Edition Statement:3rd ed.
Publication, Distribution, etc.:Washington, DC . Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ;. for sale by the Supt. of Docs, U.S. G.P.O, (c)1996.
Physical Description:l, 642 p. : ill., maps ;, 24 cm.
Title:DA pam ;$v550-173
Title:Area handbook series,$x1057-5294
General Note:"Research completed August 1995."
Bibliography, etc. Note:Includes bibliographical references (p. 545-593) and index.
Formatted Contents Note:Early history
Medieval Germany. The Merovingian Dynasty, ca. 500-751 ; The Carolingian Dynasty, 752-911 ; The Saxon Dynasty, 919-1024 ; The Salian Dynasty, 1024-1125 ; The Hohenstaufen Dynasty, 1138-1254 ; The empire under the early Habsburgs
The Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther ; Resistance to Lutheranism ; The Peace of Augsburg
The Thirty Years' War, 1681-48. The Counter-Reformation and religious tensions ; military campaigns ; The Peace of Westphalia
The age of enlightened absolutism, 1648-1789. Austria and Prussia ; The smaller states
The French Revolution and Germany
The German confederation, 1815-66. Economic and political trends toward unification ; The revolutions of 1848 ; The restoration
Bismarck and unification
Imperial Germany. Political parties ; The economy and population growth ; The tariff agreement of 1879 and its social consequences ; Bismarck's foreign policy ; Foreign policy in the Wilhelmine era ; World War I
Formatted Contents Note:The Weimar Republic, 1918-33. The Weimar constitution ; Problems of parliamentary politics ; The Stresemann era ; Hitler and the rise of national socialism
The Third Reich, 1933-45. The consolidation of power ; Foreign policy ; The outbreak of World War II ; Total mobilization, resistance, and the Holocaust ; Defeat
Postwar occupation and division. The establishment of occupation zones ; The Nuremberg Trials and denazification ; Political parties and democratization ; The creation of the bizone ; The birth of the Federal Republic of Germany ; The birth of the German democratic republic
West Germany and the community of nations. Rearmament and the European defense community ; Social market economy ; Ludwig Erhard and the grand coalition
Formatted Contents Note:The Ulbricht era, 1949-71. Consolidation of the new state ; Planned economy ; The Warsaw Pact and the National People's Army ; The Berlin Wall ; The "socialist state of the German nation" ; The social democratic-free democratic coalition, 1969-82. Willy Brandt ; Ostpolitik ; Helmut Schmidt ; The student movement and terrorism ; The Greens
The Christian democratic/Christian socialist-free democratic coalition, 1983-
The Honecker era, 1971-89. The conference on security and cooperation in Europe ; The new East German constitution and the question of identity ; Relations between the two Germanys ; The peace movement and internal resistance ; The last days of East Germany
The opening of the Berlin Wall and unification
Physical setting. Topography ; Drainage ; Climate ; The environment
Population. Historical background ; Fertility ; Age-gender distribution ; Mortality ; Population distribution and urbanization ; Immigration ; Ethnic minorities
Women in society
Formatted Contents Note:Marriage and family
Religion. Postwar Christianity ; Judaism ; Islam
Social structure and social mobility
The search for a new national identity
Social insurance and welfare programs. Historical development. Provisions of the social welfare system ; Current social welfare issues and outlook for the future
National health insurance and medical care. Development of the health care system ; Health insurance ; Health care providers ; Remuneration of health care providers ; Current health care issues and outlook for the future
Education. Historical background ; Educational policy making and administration ; Education finances ; The education system ; Education in the new Lander ; Current education issues and outlook for the future
Patterns of development. History ; The social market economy ; The economic miracle and beyond ; Unification and its aftermath ; Structural and technological questions
Formatted Contents Note:The role of government and other institutions. The federal government role ; Land and local governments ; Government subsidies ; Government expenditures and the national debt ; The associations
The culture of German management
Labor and codetermination
Agriculture, forestry, and fishing
Industry. Manufacturing ; Energy and natural resources
The financial system. The Bundesbank ; Banking and its role in the economy ; Nonbank financing
Other services. Transportation ; Telecommunications ; Tourism.
Formatted Contents Note:[cont.] Germany in the world economy. Germany in world finance and in the Group of Seven ; The deutsche mark as an international currency
Germany in the European economy. Germany in the European community ; The European single market ; Germany and the European Union ; Germany in the European monetary system ; Germany and the European monetary union
Foreign trade and investment. Trade philosophy and the trade balance ; International investment in and by Germany
Foreign aid
Constitutional framework. The constitution ; Federalism
Government institutions. The president ; The chancellor and the cabinet ; The legislature ; The judiciary ; The civil service ; Land and the local government
The electoral system
Political parties. Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union ; Social Democratic Party of Germany ; Free Democratic Party ; The Greens ; The Republikaner and the German People's Union ; Party of democratic socialism
Formatted Contents Note:Extraparty political forces. Business and industry ; Labor unions ; The churches ; Agriculture ; Citizens' initiative associations
The mass media. Newspapers ; Radio and television
Political developments since unification
Major foreign policy goals and strategies. Early developments ; Postwar developments ; Unification ; Foreign reaction to unification ; Postunification developments
Foreign policy formulation. Institutional framework ; Domestic influences on foreign policy ; The out-of-area debate
International cooperation. North Atlantic Treaty Organization ; Western European Union ; Eurocorps ; European Union ; Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ; United Nations
Military tradition. Early history ; Prussia's emergence as a military power ; The German military in two world wars ; Creation of the Bundeswehr
Strategic concerns and military missions
The armed forces. Command and control ; Army ; Navy ; Air force ; Training ; Reserves ; Morale
Formatted Contents Note:Integration of East German armed forces
Defense budget
Military justice
Uniforms, ranks, and insignia
Citizens in uniform. Personnel policies ; Service obligations ; Benefits
Defense production and export
Foreign military relations
International military missions
Internal security. Federal police agencies ; Land police agencies ; Criminal justice ; Incidence of crime and incarceration ; Dissidence and terrorist activity
Formatted Contents Note:List of figures. Administrative divisions of Germany, 1995 ; The Carolingian Empire divided by the Treaty of Verdun, A.D. 843 ; Germany at the time of the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century ; The German struggle for unification, 1815-71 ; The Weimar Republic, 1918-33 ; Germany, 1949-90 ; Topography and drainage ; Population by age and gender, 1992 ; Structure of the education system, 1994 ; Economic activity, 1995 ; Transportation system, 1995 ; Inland waterways, 1995 ; Structure of the government, 1995 ; Organization of the Ministry of Defense, 1995 ; Officer ranks and insignia, 1995 ; Enlisted ranks and insignia, 1995.
Geographic Name:Germany.
Personal Name:Solsten, Eric, 1943-
Corporate Name:Library of Congress. Federal Research Division.
Uniform Title:Area handbook series.$x1057-5294
Uniform Title:DA pam ;$v550-173.
Uniform Title:LLMC Digital$5net

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